Sergio Perez reveals how Max Verstappen became F1 champion

Sergio Perez reveals how Max Verstappen became F1 champion

The Mexican driver explained the characteristic changes behind his rise
knows his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen perfectly after working alongside him for three seasons, and he has explained how he has risen from an Formula 1 prodigy to becoming a three-time world champion in such a short space of time.

The Mexican recalls the first day he saw the 2023 champion and analyzes how he has changed over the years.
The first time I saw him was in Melbourne and I already realized that he had something special,” he said. “You could see that he was a very talented driver with great confidence in his possibilities”.

Verstappen changed his mentality
However, while many have witnessed the evolution of the Dutchman, Perez has lived it closely and suffered as a result of it. But he still finds time to praise the maturity of Verstappen after noticing a difference in his character.

“Today Max is calmer, he is still as confident, believing in his possibilities, but he has a calmer character,” he added.

Checo emphasizes that Verstappen has always had blind faith in his talent, but the big difference is that he’s a ‘more relaxed guy’ now. That impulsive character he had, Checo thinks he has been able to mould it and channel it positively – and the result is that he has been tremendously competitive without making mistakes.

Standing up to Verstappen
The Mexican will be the Dutchman’s team-mate again for 2024, something Christian Horner has been forced to reiterate on several occasions due to questions over his future.
He knows that Red Bull are betting on Max to claim a fourth title, but he hopes to repeat what he did last season in the first races, when he fought one-on-one with Verstappen and won twice.

What Checo wants to state is that sometimes, the difference between being a great champion or not is a very narrow line. He believes that Verstappen’s personality change has been fundamental in being able to control the delicate moments in races. That is his secret to success.

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