Hamilton ’emotionally drained’ after 2023 F1 campaign As he stated clear logistics

Hamilton is tired and unable to work after the 2023 F1 race After a second winless season in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton said he was tired at the end of the campaign.

   According to Lewis Hamilton, “the heart is tired” at the end of the year and the end of the Formula 1 season. This event represents another challenge for Hamilton, who failed to win for the second time of the season.

   Mercedes has withdrawn from the F1 ranks since new technical rules were introduced last year, with the seven-time world champion taking his latest victory at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Although Mercedes This year is tough.

   Hamilton is in third place for the season in the  driver.  He took the win while teammate George Russell was in eighth place. “I’m not tired,” Hamilton told the media, “I don’t want to get too into the season, but I’m getting more and more emotional towards the end of the year.” As the year closed, Hamilton said the season was difficult to navigate due to the difficult journey from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi.

   “It’s very difficult, with all the teams going from Las Vegas to [Abu Dhabi]. I think next year will be better. And it’s a very long season. “I think keeping a positive attitude all year, despite all the bad things in the world, can be very tiring.”

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