Latest: Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso Pay Emotional Tribute To Michael Schumacher


Latest: Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso Pay Emotional Tribute To Michael Schumacher

Both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have paid tribute to F1 icon Michael Schumacher in an upcoming documentary.

F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have expressed deep admiration and respect for Michael Schumacher in the new documentary, ‘Being Michael Schumacher’.
Key Takeaways

Hamilton’s Tribute: Lewis Hamilton, who is the only driver to match Michael Schumacher’s record of seven championship titles, reflects on the latter’s incredible legacy in F1, recalling him as a “full-out great racer”.
Alonso’s Admiration: Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso praises Schumacher for revolutionising drivers’ approach to racing, citing his work ethic and determination as inspirational.
Documentary Insights: The documentary ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, airing only in Germany, features personal insights from key figures in Schumacher’s career and life, including his close bond with former boss Jean Todt..
In the documentary ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, set to air in Germany, F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso shared heartfelt tributes to Michael Schumacher, marking almost a decade since the legend’s life-altering skiing accident. The documentary offers an intimate look into Schumacher’s monumental career and the profound impact he had on the sport and fellow drivers.
Lewis Hamilton, who succeeded Schumacher at Mercedes after his 2012 retirement, fondly remembered their indirect connection in F1. Despite never sharing a podium, Hamilton regarded Schumacher as a formidable competitor and a benchmark in the sport. He reminisced about Schumacher’s dominance during his career, referring to him as “a full-out great racer” and recalling his victories during pivotal moments in F1 history. The British driver commented:

“A full-out great racer.

“He won the race when Ayrton died. [He was just] winning everything!”
Similarly, Fernando Alonso, who clinched his world titles during Schumacher’s concluding years at Ferrari, acknowledged the German’s profound influence on his generation of drivers. Alonso credited Schumacher with transforming the sport’s dynamics, including race preparation and driver fitness, stating: I lost more against him than I won!

“He is an incredible driver, he was an inspiration for all the drivers of my generation when we were in karting and in the junior formulas to see Michael dominating the sport.

“He did change the way of approaching racing, physical preparation, determination, work ethic into the weekend with the engineers, a lot of things in the sport changed because of Michael – for the better.”

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