Commotion as Vasseur plays down the importance of the Hamilton-Ferrari meeting.

Commotion as Vasseur plays down the importance of the Hamilton-Ferrari meeting.  

    The Ferrari boss drove as a junior driver when Lewis Hamilton won the 2006 GP2 title. Frederic Vasseur joked that it would cost Lewis Hamilton a lot of money if he signed a contract every time he spoke to a Mercedes driver.  

   Vasseur and Hamilton are close friends of the seven-time world champion, who won the 2006 GP2 title with Vasseurand’s ART team, and Vasseur confirmed he had spoken to Hamilton Azerbaijan as Doubt was his future Mercedes.

   At the Italian Grand Prix in August, Hamilton signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes at the age of 41, suggesting a move to Ferrari could fall through. It was also confirmed by Vasseur, indicating that the contracts of current drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be renewed. Vasseur at the Hamilton Conference And “I talked to Lewis every week or every month for 20 years, so I can’t say I haven’t talked to him because we’re still in touch.”

   Vasseur spoke to the media, And that’s true because half of the grill was driven to me, in Baku I chatted with Luis at the ranch and started going everywhere but if he signed a contract with me for one he would pay a lot if they continued. talk in advance!A quot; Vasseur also spoke about Max Verstappen, saying any team would be “happy”. As we congratulate the three world champions, we also offer an update on current drivers Leclerc and Sainz.

new contract may be the target for both parties to agree before the first game. The French explained.

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