We asked NCAA President Charlie Baker about the FSU football playoff snub. Here’s what he has to say.

We asked NCAA President Charlie Baker about the FSU football game.

   Here’s what he has to say about the Seminoles, Tampa quarterbacks and the NCAA cycle. NCAA President Charlie Baker said Florida State’s elimination from the College Football Playoff was shocking and quot; To the Seminoles.

   TAMPA NCAA President Charlie Baker has no authority over the College Football Playoff and the decision-making process that led 12-1 Alabama to a last-place finish over 13-0 Florida State. Baker wants it to stay that way, until the issue of transparency comes up. “I honestly think so,” Baker told the Tampa Bay Times Sunday morning before the NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship at Amalie Arena.

   “The teams involved in this and the schools involved make their own rules, right? And they decide what they think will make the most sense. Baker leads the NCAA but does not lead the College Football Playoff, a separate entity that creates the national football championship.

   The finals are the subject of an investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office. U.S. Rick Scott was one of the politicians who called for more transparency from the organization and the selection committee after the elimination of the Seminoles. Baker, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, said the decision was “just a punch in the gut” for everyone at FSU. “I’m excited to go to 12 teams next year,” Baker said of the playoff expansion.

   “I hope not to face these challenges when I reach the twelfth. Something can happen between 12 and 15. Other topics of the general interview:

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