Ladd McConkey has set his Career on fire, in a shocking turn of events

Ladd McConkey poised for long NFL career
After a dazzling week at the Reese’s Senior Bowl, Georgia linebacker Ladd McConkey was the talk of NFL recruiting circles, and for good reason.

Those who follow high school football in Georgia knew that Ladd McConkey had a special career ahead of him as a senior quarterback at North Murray High School in 2019.
(maybe) 6’0 Mountaineers also played defense, punting and rebounding for a team that went 11-2 and won two playoff games at Georgia and #039.
in Class AAA before falling to Jenkins (Savannah). the team had about 10 future FBS players.

11.11.2023; Athens, Georgia, USA; Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Ladd McConkey (84) is on the field during the fourth quarter against the Mississippi Rebels at Sanford Stadium.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
But despite his success and incredible record, McConkey hasn’t gotten much attention from Power 5 schools. He was the number 169 receiver in the country in a combined ranking of number 247 and number 039 and just the number 121 player in Georgia. He had one Power 5 offer from Vanderbilt and was considering transferring or accepting a scholarship to a G5 program. Then came Georgia and Kirby Smart.

   Smart is an incredible program builder, a top football player and a great recruiter, but perhaps his most underrated quality is as a talent evaluator. Sure, McConkey won’t play quarterback at Georgia, but any athlete who can terrorize a defense in Georgia high school football at least gets a look from Smart, and what he saw in the 175-pound McConkey was a quarterback.

   Now, nearly five years later, Ladd McConkey is preparing for the NFL draft and just took control of the week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Heand is no longer just an athlete, he is a top runner with blazing speed that fits any offense in the NFL. Heand#039;ll have more opportunities to showcase with the NFL Combine and Georgia’s Pro Day.

   All an NFL scout has to do is turn on the tape and see a guy getting rebounds and making plays, but if that and#039; it’s too much work, you can always ask Kirby Smart as the 6-footer and #039; the three-star has beaten a host of four- and five-stars in playing time in recent years. Either way, one team gets a great football player during the draft in April.

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