Luke Littler beats Michael van Gerwen to win his first PDC. This is how it was rigged

Luke Littler beats Michael van Gerwen to win his first PDC.
The 16-year-old hit a ninth in the quarterfinals, becoming the youngest player to hit a televised ninth. Luke Littler and Premier League Darts return to on Thursday 1 February. Luke Littler won his first major PDC title by beating Michael van Gerwen 8-5 to win the Bahrain Darts Masters final. competition
Littler, 16, looked composed as he calmly met the challenge of three-time world champion Van Gerwen.

   All shots were hit in the first seven legs, but forward Littler, undaunted by MVG’s pressure, hit a leg of 11 to take the lead.
Littler broke Van Gerwenand’s throw to make it five-3, but the Dutchman went back to make it 105.

Luke Littler did it!!!!
16-year-old wins first PDC major title and is Bahrain Darts Master in 2024.
Van Gerwen has returned to Littler, but the youngster has found another break to advance in D10. before completing 58 to seal the famous victory.

Victorious Littler admitted this tournament was his first darts since losing to Luke Humphries in the World Darts Championship final earlier this month.

Little: I haven’t hit a shot since World Finals!
Luke Littler says he has shown what it takes to win after beating Michael van Gerwen in the Bahrain Masters final to win his first major PDC title.

   Luke Littler says he has shown what it takes to win after defeating Michael van Gerwen in the Bahrain Masters final to win his first major PDC title.
No one believes me.
But I haven’t fired a shot since the world finals (earlier this month). Littler told ITV Sport.

   “Yesterday was our first proper operation and it all paid off. I am using
and would be very happy to win with Michael.
Heand is still one of the best players and I am very happy that he won his first game.
Andquot;This week was amazing. Weand won 8 Premier League finals and 8 Asian finals (playing in this tournament) but we are happy to win.

And I didn’t set any goals for this year. I never thought I would get this award this week.
And it’s great to be here with so many people who have supported me.
But I’m just happy.
And I don’t have any goals this year.
You just have to see how the shot works.
Luke Littler is Bahrain 2024 Darts Master

An impressive display from the 16-year-ol…

He hit a nine-dart to beat Man Lok Leung, Nathan Aspinall, Gerwyn Price and MIchael van Gerwen to win his first title for the PDC.

The first of several...?
Van Gerwen admitted it was a tough defeat for Littler but warned he should not “get over it”. More than it deserves with the hype surrounding it.
It’s a great game. Of course it’s sad, but so is the game. You will win some and lose some. Van Gerwen said:
and “If Michael doesn’t win, it won’t be a good week. It’s simple. [Littler] is a great competitor. Everyone says he’s a rookie, but he knows everyone at work.

Michael van Gerwen beats Rob Cross, Michael Smith en route to Bahrain Masters final
“I couldn’t produce my performance in the first few games (the final). You can only punish yourself for it. Let’s make sure we do better in the future. Don’t worry I’ll take it.

Littler made history with a 9 shot against Aspinall.
Before the win, Littler scored a nine-dart first in the quarter-finals against World Match Play champion Nathan Aspinall.
Littler took just three runs to win the stretch as he hit two 180s, recorded 141 and 12 doubles to become the youngest player to hit a televised 9-dart.

It was also the second 9-dart hit in the World Series, the first being 16-time World Champion Phil Taylor.
He met former world champion Gerwyn Price in the semi-finals, a close match in which each showed their ability to deliver under pressure.

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According to Megan Wellens, Luke Littler is inspiring a new generation and creating a new era. A big moment came on Sport
when Littler broke the count in the sixth leg to take the match 4-2, went out and then rolled Big Fish.

Littler shows his class again, checks the 103 and holds, ends up shooting the 89 on target, leaving a leg.
Price recovered one of his break points with a superb 146 to level at 6-3, but Littler held his composure and kept breaking to secure a place in the final.

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