why Mike Norvell and the FSU football coaching staff are the only team with a top 10 class in the high school and the transfer portal.

The way they weave those two classes together to meet roster needs is a master class, and why FSU has ascended to near the top of college football in a short period. The staff seems to target specific groups to load up on in the high school ranks each recruiting cycle. The 2022 high school class only featured two defensive backs several offensive linemen(six) and defensive linemen (five DL and one DE). However, several of those additions have already entered the transfer portal for new homes. The 2023 class saw FSU take several defensive backs, three defensive linemen(one DT and two DE), and two offensive linemen.’

They took three wide receivers (one already gone) and three linebackers (one already gone). FSU took two defensive tackles in the 2024 recruiting class and one defensive end. However, they took three defensive ends and one defensive tackle in the transfer portal. Roster needs are fluid, with guys entering the NFL Draft or entering the transfer portal every year, as evidenced by some 2022 and 2023 guys already gone. I’m curious about which position groups will receive the most attention in the 2025 recruiting class. I’m curious if it’ll be defensive tackle. FSU lost Fabien Lovett, Braden Fiske, Dennis Briggs, and Malcolm Ray after the 2023 season. They’ll likely lose Joshua Farmer and Darrell Jackson after the 2024 season. The Noles have only signed two blue-chip defensive tackles since 2018(and one of those never played significant snaps before transferring).

If FSU were ever in a position to sign elite defensive tackles, it would be the 2025 recruiting class coming off a 13-1 campaign and Odell Haggins signing a three-year extension. FSU managed to field one of the top defensive lines in the nation in 2023, using a blend of high school and transfer portal recruiting. IF FSU isn’t in the mix for many or any elite defensive tackles, I think I’m ready to confirm my hypothesis with Mike Norvell. If this happens, I think it’s a clear sign that FSU doesn’t value certain high school positions as much anymore and would rather acquire talent from the portal. Some folks believe it’s Mike Norvell covering for misses in high school recruiting, but I’m not quite sure I buy that yet. After all, you’re getting guys physically ready to play and much more of a return on the investment. Stay tuned!

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