See how ‘Inhuman Verstappen’s achievements are underestimated and unprecedented’

Isn’t Formula 1 boring enough after 19 wins in 22 races? Max Verstappen did it in 2023, which is starting to impress. Giedo van der Garde argued that Verstappenand’s achievements deserve more recognition in an exclusive interview.

   Max Verstappen broke almost every record in 2023, and while this deserves respect, some are starting to say that the Red Bull driver’s performance is boring in Grand Prix races. Many Formula 1 fans are already looking ahead to 2021. At that time, the battle between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is the biggest battle for the teams’ title since 2012, and the fans are getting stronger. But former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde said in an exclusive interview: RacingNews365 tells us that staying neutral is difficult. And I think that what we are experiencing now in the Netherlands is very special.

   Van der Garde says: For someone who can win 19 times in a season, 10 times in a row, it’s unprecedented. And we don’t think too much or too much. It’s normal, it’s not very common.

   For TV shows and people, it’s like, Na Oh, Max won again. and And everything will be fine. But friends, what we are dealing with in the Netherlands right now is unprecedented. If this happens, the win will not be decided until the second race.

   Van der Garde, who has said goodbye to his racing career, knows where these thoughts come from. Of course you know, but as an observer and as a driver I know how difficult it is to get there, get the points and win the race. ; said But now that he has won nineteen races and is on his way to winning his third title, that is not normal or bad.

   And”Sometimes the competition can be very boring, but it is also exciting. In my opinion, only one person stood out: Verstappen. And it’s true, his combination with Red Bull, the machines, the team and the way of working has never been seen before.

   The rest are below them, and sometimes another Aston Martin or Sergio Perez comes out on top, then a Ferrari. He seems to be getting shot at from all directions.” So if you look at the year 2023 when Verstappen leaves, it’s an incredible year. Van der Garde continued: If so, the victory will not be decided until the second race. We can’t complain about that and we love the way things look different throughout the season. Of course, Aston Martin started strongly and then McLaren came back.

   Aston Martin fell back a bit, as did Ferrari, and Mercedes did well in some races but not in others. It’s a little up and down each row.”

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