Marquez sees similarities to Verstappen: “A killer like you should be” See their mentality

 Apart from both drivers winning multiple world titles with the help of Honda Power and Red Bull, Max Verstappen and Marc Marquez have more in common. It’s just a way of thinking.

   In MotoGP, Marc Marquez continues to succeed as a young rider, although the younger brother of Max Verstappen became very popular in Formula 1, eventually winning three world titles at the time of writing.

   Marquez ran Honda with factory team and Red Bull support, while Verstappen ran Red Bull with Honda engine support. So their work is the same and the success of both pilots is undeniable, not hindered by human characteristics.

   This is how Marc Márquez looks as he addresses Max Verstappen’s campaign in an exclusive interviewI like Max Verstappen andquot; Marquez starts. The two are no strangers, having met occasionally at Red Bull and/or Honda events. mainly because he was the real killer That last comment needs clarification.

   “To win, to succeed, to win, you have to be a killer. What does that mean? You think of nothing but one sacred goal: to win. It doesn’t matter how you achieve that goal or how you earn it. His main goal is to win, and in that respect he is of the same opinion.

   And I really like that guy. answered the Spaniard. each one Red Bull TV’s five-part documentary, All in and  offers a comprehensive, unique and honest look at the life of Marc Márquez. And his struggle Everything was covered with Rossi, from his driving style to injuries.

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