Ohtani becomes Father Christmas: see the incredible gift to a Dodgers teammate’s Wife

Japanese pitcher-hitter are already in a relationship with their friends.

   Shohei Ohtani gave his wife a Porsche after his Los Angeles Dodgers teammate gave him his MLB jersey number. The Japanese player, who signed a $700 million contract, later deferred some of that money and sprinkled some of it on girlfriend Joe Kelly.





   The former AL shortstop expressed his respect for the two men’s efforts to get him into Dodger Stadium and let him keep his No. 17 jersey, while Kelly is now No. 99. yours In Shohei, Kellyand’s wife heard this in a video sent to Twitter, the Dodgersand’s power, now known as the X account, was talked about.

   And he wants to give you a Porsche. I promise” Otani is a team player Ohtani is already showing his desire to be a team player and fit into the franchise through this signing, and his decision to pay $2 million a year of his $700 million salary.

   This would allow the Dodgers to keep their spending down for the rest of their roster and allow them to attract more talent to the ball club, perhaps in the form of Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

   After graduating from Major League Baseball in his native Japan, Yamamoto received offers from the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees and signed a 12-year contract worth $27 million annually with the Dodgers.

   Yamamoto is one of the top prospects on this side of the Pacific, winning the CY 2023 Youth Award (Eiji Sawamura Award) and named Pacific League MVP three times. He won the Triple Crown three times, meaning he held the best winning percentage, strikeouts and ERA in the entire league.

   Yamamoto is the only player in professional baseball history to win three consecutive Triple Crowns and an exciting talent to join the MLB at just 25 years old.

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