F1 News: Max Verstappen reflects on Sebastian Vettel’s influence on his F1 career

F1 News: Max Verstappen reflects on Sebastian Vettel’s influence on his F1 career

Max Verstappen speaks out on how inspiring Sebastian Vettel’s four consecutive championships were to him.

Three-time F1 champion Max Verstappen has candidly shared how Sebastian Vettel’s championship triumphs inspired his own Formula 1 aspirations. Verstappen’s admiration for Vettel’s success during his dominant era at Red Bull has been a driving force in his quest for racing glory.


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Vettel’s Influence: Max Verstappen, in a revealing moment on the Talking Bulls podcast, expressed how witnessing Sebastian Vettel’s championship wins with Red Bull profoundly impacted him. He spoke of the allure of having his name etched alongside great drivers on the trophy.

Verstappen’s Ascent: With three consecutive world titles under his belt, Verstappen is on the brink of emulating Vettel’s record of four successive championships. His journey from a young admirer to a formidable champion mirrors Vettel’s illustrious career.

Mutual Admiration: The respect between Verstappen and Vettel is mutual. Vettel, speaking at the Japanese Grand Prix, lauded Verstappen’s flawless season, acknowledging his talent and consistency in dominating the sport.

Max Verstappen Red Bull (39)

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has revealed that watching Sebastian Vettel lift the FIA Formula 1 drivers’ championship trophy spurred him on to one day follow in the German’s footsteps. Vettel, one of F1’s most successful drivers, claimed four world titles consecutively from 2010 to 2013 with Red Bull. Verstappen, now a three-time world champion with the Austrian team, could match Vettel’s record with another victory in 2024.


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