‘You can steal people’s stuff’: Lewis Hamilton reveals unique $50 Christmas idea born out of Detesting Secret Santa.

‘You can steal people’s stuff’: Lewis Hamilton reveals unique $50 Christmas idea born out of Detesting Secret Santa.

    Lewis Hamilton has said that he doesn’t like the concept of secret Santa because people complain that the gifts aren’t as good or as big as they want.

   The seven-time world champion created a $50 Christmas gift policy that allows people to steal other people’s gifts. advertising “It doesn’t matter what you buy,” Hamilton said in a video posted on Mercedes’ official X handle.

   The most important thing is to think. But I’ve had experiences where people got mad because I wasn’t flashy or big. That’s why Hamilton created his own Secret Santa series. “So I’m doing all of this right now. Just play Secret Santa, have about $50 to spend, spend 30 minutes walking around the store and find five gifts. You either spend a couple or you don’t… If you have a couple, you can steal people’s gifts,” Hamilton said.

   Hamilton has a large family and many close friends who make his Secret Santa very happy. He also seems to have a large family in England. However, he is disappointed not to be able to combine for the GP due to the poor number of passes. So he got up at Christmas. Of course, this also solves the mystery of why Hamilton doesn’t appear in the F1 Secret Santa video.

   Lewis Hamilton’s contempt for F1’s Secret Santa A question on the minds of F1 fans: Lewis Hamilton will not appear in the New Year Secret Santa video released by Formula 1. He did not appear in the new 2023 edition. He is also absent from the 2022 and 2021 editions. As a result, many fans protested and criticized Hamilton. for not participating in these celebratory rituals.

    Comments under the video showed anger at Brits who felt they were better than others by ignoring the event. One fan wrote: “*opens hidden treasure to reveal silver medal* Lewis: I don’t like this game.”

   What did drivers get for Christmas this year? Now is the time to unpack your F1 Secret Santa gifts and find them. When Secret Santa visits Hamilton: Hamilton may not be part of F1’s Secret Santa, but he showed hospitality in his own way.

   For example, when Sebastian Vettel retired, Hamilton held a farewell dinner for the four-time champion, with the participation of all drivers on the list. He also bought a poster of his former Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.

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