Breaking news: Max Verstappen wants to create simple motoring channel for young talent:

‘It would cost ridiculous money’ Gone are the days when college was the only entry point to motorsports.

   Max Verstappen believes simulator racing is the way to go for drivers who want to drive, as old kart tracks are too expensive. So the Dutch want to create an easy channel for new and experienced drivers to make money in motorsports.

    In an interview with magazine, Verstappen discussed his racing program, as well as his racing adventure. Now he believes that his hobby can reach the highest levels of motoring. He said: “The concept is that it can be a stepping stone from simulator racing to GT3.” So you can’t access the cars with a card. Because there is a lot of unnecessary money right now. In comparison, sim competition is cheaper.

   Verstappen knows how difficult the transition from virtual racing to the real world of racing can be. He stressed that “it was not very good”. But the 26-year-old believes everything can be done “very professionally”.

   Verstappen aims to build a GT3 team, which will give the sport’s young drivers a chance to show their skills. The Dutch believe they are completely broke. Also, it will be great news if the three-time F1 champion finds success with sim fans in his GT3 team.

    The old car is expensive, but does Max Verstappen intend to change that? The current F1 feeder series system has been a traditional way for drivers to access F1 for several years. High school student drivers and driving academies receive financial support and sponsorship, but it’s still expensive to get into motorsport’s top class. Even with karts, drivers must spend money to start the race.

    According to, a wagon driver can earn up to $60,000 a year. And after years of stressing over college, F4, F3, F2 and other junior racing series, the total cost will be millions of dollars. There are many fans around the world who want to race in F1 or other types of motorsports events. You may have the skills and talents, but a lack of financial support can hinder your ambitions. Max Verstappen believes simulator racing can change that.    

    Verstappen knows the pitfalls of the track after going through these hooks in the series. That is why he wants to ensure that young hopefuls have the opportunity to compete at an affordable price. There are also real-life examples. Jann Mardenborough managed to follow Verstappen’s visionary path to motoring glory.

    He started racing Gran Turismo on the PlayStation and the GT Academy challenge gave him the chance to do some real racing. Mardenborgh eventually found success in the GT3 class, winning the Brands Hatch race.

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