Bravo: Lewis Hamilton Welcomes His Youngest Fan Straight Out of the Delivery Room

Lewis Hamilton was “technically there” when he gave birth to a boy named Liam just 10 minutes before the start of the 2023 Sao Paulo GP.

   The boy’s father, Marcio Santos, is a huge fan of F1 and Hamilton, and believed that his child would come into the world knowing this. The entire Santos family became interested in F1 because of their love for the sport and, unable to attend the live races, decided to take F1 to the hospital’s maternity ward. They decorated the room with a life size bust of Lewis Hamilton and decorated the room with Mercedes themed items.

   Santos wanted Hamilton’s totem to be placed in the delivery room, but doctors denied his wish, citing the risk of death. Liam was born in F1’s Royal Navy theme, Santos wore the German team’s jersey to celebrate the birth of his son during the race at Interlagos.

   Later Mercedes items, including Hamilton’s totem pole and the team flag on Santos’ wife’s floor, surprised Nurse at first sight. When the family explained everything to him, he smiled and said he liked it. Lewis Hamilton paid attention to the photo that is circulating on the Internet through various social media platforms and posted it on his Instagram account. He also shared the original photo with the group of red hearts and thanked one of his biggest fans for the kind gesture.

   This is not the only time Lewis Hamilton intervened in the personal lives of his fans. Hamilton’s popularity knows no bounds, and his fans are living proof of that. This wasn’t the only time fans of the seven-time world champion wanted him to be part of a special day in their lives, as Liam’s father played a major role in F1 when he was born. In early May, two big Hamilton fans tied the knot after dating for seven years.

   Elliot and Eves discover many things in common, including their mutual love for Hamilton and Mercedes, who get married. With this in mind, the team at Brackley are offering a special gift for the happy couple.

   Along with the helmet signed by Hamilton, the team will issue personalized cards signed by Hamilton, George Russell, Toto Wolff, Mike Elliott and others. In 2021, the other couple called off engagements after learning that Hamilton had won the Sao Paulo GP. They took a break from the wedding to watch a live stream of the podium ceremony and watch Hamilton take home the trophy. Hamilton enjoys one of the most unique relationships a driver has ever shared with his fans.

   The British rarely fail to thank them for their support. That is why, despite going through one of the most difficult periods of his entire F1 career, the fans remained loyal to him and waited for him to be back on top. F1 hill

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