Vasseur: Wolff FIA investigation so ’embarrasing’ for F1.

The Ferrari owner was the first team boss to speak following the investigation with the FIA ​​into allegations relating to Toto and Suzy Wolff.

   Frederic Vasseur called the FIA ​​and its investigation into Toto and Susie Wolff “shameful”. For Formula 1 it was indicated that the management should be different.

   On December 5, F1 and its board of directors launched an investigation into F1 officials and FOM staff after a magazine article alleged that confidential communications between the two had been leaked, and the director of the facility, the F1 seminar of Susie Wolff and the “bad jokes”. As his loyalty was questioned.

   Following an investigation, the FIA ​​closed the matter, but nine other teams issued a joint statement saying they were the source of the allegations, a warning that Mercedes ignored.

   The legal case is currently ongoing and vigorous. Opposition to the FIA​​​​ sat down with Ferrari owner Vasseur to explain how the investigation will be conducted. Vasseur supports Wolff. And I think this whole conversation about sports is a real shame. Vasseur spoke to the media, And”The information in the newspaper article is not correct in my opinion, but in these situations you have to be careful what you say about people.

   To avoid a negative decision, it is necessary for the FIA ​​to use 24 hours between the first and second announcement and 24 hours before the first announcement. And I think the first decision for me is the unity of the whole team and the ability to work together. It’s not often that Red Bull supports Toto, so let’s take a look. “It’s also good to have the opportunity to discuss [about the future] with stakeholders.

   And for the first time, we’ve shown the groups to come together, and we’ve shown that we can do that, and we know that’s important every time the Concordia Agreement is negotiated. And “We are doing much better now than when our current Concord was signed five years ago, before the COVID-19, we have to remember that four or five teams were close to bankruptcy. But it’s not like that these days.

   The remuneration and distribution funds will increase the stability of the business, ensuring the sustainability of F1 in the future.”

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