Ferrari has finally reveals launch date for 2024 F1 car

Ferrari has revealed the release date for the 2024 F1 car Ferrari has become the first team to announce that it will retire next year and the Formula 1 campaign.

   Ferrari has revealed that it will release its 2024 Formula 1 car on February 13, just over two weeks before the start of the new season.

   The Italian team enters the campaign hoping to build on a difficult 2023 that saw them fall to third in the Constructors investments It started the campaign hoping to challenge Red Bull for the world championship, achieved four race victories in 2022.

   However, it faced several challenges, including credibility issues and failed strategy negotiations. It won the Singapore Grand Prix with Carlos Sainz, the only race of the year that Red Bull did not win. Ferrari’s championship drought stretches back to 2008 when it won the Constructorsand Championship for the 16th time. F1 2023 season preview: Ferrari fail again “The release will be on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day,” team manager Frederic Vasseur confirmed.

   However, the Frenchman did not reveal more details, including the name of the challenger: “You will see the rest on the 13th.” Vasseur emphasized that the team plans to take a more relaxed approach to setting expectations next year.

   Explaining why Ferrari decided to release its 2024 car a day earlier than last year, Vasseur revealed that it was due to a tight schedule to get the cars ready for pre-season testing.

   “We have a test a bit earlier and it’s quite a challenge to put everything together, we had no choice,” he said. “I think some of our teams will do it on Day 14. But to be already in Bahrain is quite difficult.

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