The Phillies Get More Power In This Blockbuster Trade Proposal

The Phillies give away a player with a lot of hope in this trade scenario for one of the most hated hitters in the game.

   Philadelphia Phillies The Phillies took a hit this season when they acquired Aaron Nola, their first trade in free agency and one that allowed the Phillies to maintain their revolution. Is it time for the Philistines to strike again? compiled six possible defensive moves that could shake up the game. The Phillies own the roster. In this situation, the Phillies signed outfielder Nick Castellanos, one of their favorites and one of their top prospects, to the Los Angeles Angels for outfielder Mike Trout, a player with local roots.

   Too much for you? Trout was born in Vineland, New Jersey, and played high school baseball in Millville, New Jersey before being drafted by the Angels in the first round in 2009. Trout turned out to be one of the worst players in baseball, with three MVPs, nine Silver Sluggers and 11 wins. . An all-star game capped off his career. For the Angels, the trade was an opportunity to move Troita’s salary. His current contract is the largest in MLB history ($426.5 million over 12 years).

   The Phillies must cover the remaining seven years at $37.12 million per year through 2030. For the Phillies, the trade is a risk. Trout is entering his 32nd year and injuries are a big problem for him. Trout hasn’t played in 140 games in a season since 2018 and has only played in 237 games over the past three seasons due to injury. The Phillies will have to get used to that history and hope Trout stays healthy. As for the Angels, they welcome Castellanos, who is set to make $20 million each of the next three seasons, with high expectations.

   This prospect is Justin Crawford, the son of former MLB star Carl Crawford and one of the top pitchers. 100 baseball prospects. Since Trout has a no-trade clause, he must accept this deal. As far as is concerned, the Phillies are the only destination Trout will accept. The Phillies are the only place Trout, from Millville, New Jersey, can take a job.

   They will continue to work hard in the NL, joining Trout and Bryce Harper (two Cooperstown baseball players who are spiritually linked by arriving at the same time) and eventually (hopefully) bringing them back to the NL for Trout. October (if healthy). Is it worth the risk and cash? Only the Philippians can answer that question.

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