Desmond Howard Takes a Shot At Pete Thamel.

Desmond Howard Takes a Shot At Pete Thamel.

   The odds are high before college football’s biggest game of the year. Michigan Wolverines Games show their true colors. No geographer today wants to stay.

   Urban Meyer publicly announced “Go Bucksand.” ESPN analysts seem to be getting things done in Michigan. Rece Davis, who plays center, said Michigan was “aggressive and very good.” Amid allegations of signature theft. Heather Dinich is expected to double the Michigan program and. Paul Finebaum….oh my god. By now we all know about him. And Pete Thamel beat the Wolverines as many times as he could. Desmond Howard, on the other hand, supported his brother and tried to balance an acceptable, if divisive, relationship.

   He caught Thamel during the Gameday broadcast. It is really curious that Thamel decided to seek shelter after being silent for the last month. He had a chance to stand up, hold his head up and tell the truth. Instead, he chose to hide somewhere in Michigan Stadium to avoid (of course) a comeback. Howard is severely reprimanded for not following company policy. Since Big Ten teams no longer play on ESPN, the network has become more unbalanced each year.

   ESPN has always been a hot spot in the SEC, and this year it got even worse. Too much, Howard could not handle and shot his colleague in the air. I think it’s time to play the Game.

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