Daniel Ricciardo accused Max Verstappen of trying to “treason” by overshadowing his ally .

Daniel Ricciardo accused Max Verstappen of trying to “treason” by overshadowing his ally .Max Verstappen has been a vocal critic of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Daniel Ricciardo has given his verdict on his comments.

Daniel Ricciardo accused Max Verstappen of “trying to rebel” in a damning verdict at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.


The three-time world champion has not held back on his opinions on racing, winning for the 18th time this season.


During Friday’s first practice session, which lasted just eight minutes, 4,444 disputes broke out in Las Vegas.


A manhole cover on Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari came off, damaging the car.


The opening round on the road course didn’t get off to a good start for officials.


Verstappen was one of the most vocal critics, comparing Monaco’s performance to the Champions League and Vegas’ performance to the National League.
The Red Bull driver also said he misses the emotion of classic Grand Prix racing.
But Ricciardo believes people like Verstappen exaggerate their opinions and that he secretly loves it.


The Australian said this during a Q&A session at Qatar Airways’ Paddock Club Suite over the weekend: I think they’re just trying to rebel.


Deep down they really like it, they just don’t want to admit it.


When asked which driver he was alluding to, Ricciardo sarcastically replied “[He has] a really long first name,” in reference to Verstappen.


Verstappen started the race second on the grid but again came out on top to extend his unassailable lead in the driver standings.


He sang “Viva Las Vegas” as he crossed the finishing line, hinting that Ricciardo may have been correct with his accusation.


Verstappen’s public verdict before the race was different though.


He called for more time to be invested in sports rather than “the show.


He said: “I think the show element is important, but I like the emotion.When I was a kid, it was all about the emotion of the sport I was into, not the show.


Method As a real racer, the show shouldn’t be important.


Of course we understand that fans need something to do around the track, but it’s more important that we make it clear to them what we do for the sport.


“As a young child, I grew up wanting to be a world champion.


You need to invest more time into the actual sport and what you want to achieve.


The sports world is obsessed with what teams have been doing throughout the season.


, you need to explain what you’re working on.


This is much more important than doing random shows like this everywhere.


I like passion and emotion.
“I love Las Vegas, but I don’t drive an F1 car.
When I go out, I wear everything red.
But compared to the old school tracks, there’s no emotion or passion ther

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