Checo Perez’s revelation about Messi, compares himself to Chicharito

Checo Perez’s revelation about Messi, compares himself to Chicharito

The Mexican driver was part of the Broadcast Boys podcastLionel Messi to appear at a Formula 1 grand prix and said that he would do better than Javier Hernandez in the MLS than Hernandez would in F1 in two curious questions in a guest appearance on the Broadcast Boys podcast.


During the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Mexican Red Bull driver was questioned on several topics, from who would be his best stunt double in movies, to whether he would approve a strange name for his son in exchange for several million dollars.


Me in MLS, I’m a good striker,” Perez said after being asked who would do better. “I’m like Chicharito, you know; we’re not great players, but we know what position to be in to score goals.”


The 33-year-old driver from Guadalajara was also asked if he had to choose a person who has not seen one of his races to go to one, and he picked who is widely regarded as the best soccer player of all-time.


“It’s a good question,” Perez said to the hosts. “But in the end I would choose Lionel Messi.”

Perez disrespects Christian Horner

Horner is known for his successful stewardship of the Red Bull team, where he has been the team principal since 2005 and has delivered six world constructors’ championships and seven world drivers’ championships, most recently in 2023.

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