Pirelli is on high alert due to puncture issues in Brazil, as the FIA has been duly informed.

Following the sole practice session for the Brazilian Grand Prix, the discovery of punctures has prompted Pirelli to be on high alert for the upcoming qualifying round. Following the conclusion of FP1, the Head of Motorsport, Mario Isola, has provided comprehensive details.

   The Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, Mario Isola, has notified the FIA about punctures discovered on the Interlagos track surface following the São Paulo Grand Prix practice sessions.
During the sole hour of practice over the weekend, a minimum of two cars had to enter the pit due to tire punctures detected through data analysis.

   Isola informed the media, that the problems in Brazil were not Pirelli’s fault, suggesting that they were caused by external factors. He mentioned that there were a few instances of punctures caused by debris.
In addition, we have noticed a few cuts on the tread which clearly indicates the need to notify the FIA for track maintenance.
In my opinion, the issue lies in the pit lane rather than on the track. However, it is crucial to be cautious since we have experienced a few legitimate tire punctures.

   During practice, Alonso got ‘sandblasted’.
Fernando Alonso, among the drivers, encountered a puncture during Aston Martin’s practice session while using Hard tyres, prompting him to visit the pit.
The team’s Performance Director, Tom McCullough, assured that there were no previous worries regarding the safety of the track. He stated, “We consistently evaluate the track by physically inspecting it and assessing its grip and condition.”

   We consistently communicate our thoughts to the Race Director on the track.
We mentioned that it was dirty, but we didn’t detect any debris as Mario had suggested, except perhaps in the pit lane.
However, upon Fernando’s initial attempt, he received numerous critical remarks, likened to a cascade of stones. As he drove, he experienced the sensation of being sandblasted, with the front wing and the front of the car enduring a forceful impact that was visible to us.

   Consequently, we encountered a puncture on the left rear tire, which limited his progress. As a result, we had to modify our plan accordingly.

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