Mexico has surpassed the United States in the World Baseball Rankings.

Mexico has surpassed the United States in the World Baseball Rankings.
The national team achieved a historic milestone.

   Mexico’s national baseball team has accomplished a remarkable feat by claiming the second spot in the official global ranking of men’s baseball, surpassing the United States, who currently hold the third position.
Their impressive performance and bronze medal win at the Pan American Games set the stage for this achievement.

The publication of the updated rankings on November 2 by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation signifies a momentous occasion in the history of Mexican baseball.
The resurgence of Mexican baseball, which commenced in 2021, is truly evidenced by this remarkable climb in the rankings.
Following a lackluster performance at the Tokyo Olympics, the team faced diminished expectations.
Nevertheless, their setback only served to ignite their determination to achieve even greater accomplishments. All the years of dedication and preparation finally paid off in 2023 when they secured the gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games, followed by a bronze medal at the Pan American Games.

The latest rankings for Men’s Baseball are out now!
Mexico has recently achieved their highest position ever in the WBSC Men’s Baseball World Rankings, climbing to second place.

Mexico’s women’s baseball team has made significant progress in the rankings, climbing a total of seven positions.
Mexico has made significant advancements in the women’s baseball division as well.

In 2024, the Mexican women’s baseball team successfully clinched a spot in the World Cup final and is set to rival the United States.

Exciting Announcement: Fresh Women’s Baseball Rankings Revealed!

Japan retains the number one spot. The ranking welcomes five new programmes as they secure positions in the top five.

Their impressive performance in the initial phase of the competition held in Canada resulted in this achievement, as they elevated to the fifth position in the world rankings, marking a substantial advancement from their prior placement at twelfth.

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