Deion Sanders talks excitement for spring game, praises fan turnout

Deion Sanders talks excitement for spring game, praises fan turnout

The Colorado football spring game is underway in Boulder, where fans are finally getting a first look at the team under new head coach Deion Sanders. Ever the showman, the eccentric new head of the Buffaloes showed up to Saturday’s scrimmage in a pristine white Cowboy hat amid the terrible weather throughout the weekend.

When he was interviewed just before the game by ESPN, he was asked how much he considered the weather when decided to hold today’s event. Here was Coach Prime’s answer:

“Lot of prayer, lot of deliberation on what to do, what’s in the best interest of the students, what’s in the best interest of the kids that are playing. We don’t want anybody on this wet surface to sustain an injury. But you know what, we prayed about it, we thought about it, we talked to a multitude of people and they said, ‘coach, let’s do it.’

So, we’re not going to have a full all-out scrimmage. We’re probably going to have a speed day, which is a practice, probably and hour and 15, an hour and 30 (minutes) just to get some things done…so the wonderful fans that attended this wonderful event can still get what they want. And let’s hope.”

Next, Sanders was asked about the incredible crowd turnout despite such weather. He said it’s great that fans are showing up this weekend and is even more grateful they’ve all already purchased their home tickets for this fall.

They love it. This is unbelievable. You’re talking about a body of people that have not only sold out the spring game, but have sold out the entire season. I absolutely love it.”

He continued making comments about how he could hardly believe the amazing fan turnout and hyped up the crowd after a number of plays early on.

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