Colorado Buffaloes Futures Bets: Is Coach Prime Hype Real?

Colorado Buffaloes Futures Bets: Is Coach Prime Hype Real?

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are the biggest story in college football.

Coach Prime is the definition of moving the needle.

As we wish him a speedy recovery from surgery to remove blood clots from his legs, let’s take a look at some of the major futures bets already coming in on Colorado.

A bettor at Caesars Sportsbook bet $1,200 on Colorado to win the National Championship at +25000 odds. That bet would payout $300,000 if Coach Prime is able to lead Colorado to a championship in his first season.

That’s not the only bettor looking for a big payday in Colorado’s first season.

BetMGM reported last week that 8.5% of the National Championship bets are on Colorado, accounting for 7.9% of the handle. The Buffaloes are the biggest liability at BetMGM.

PointsBet reported that 5.4% of their National Championship bets are on Colorado. That’s the ninth most of any college football team.

Bettors aren’t just betting on CU to win the National Championship, there have also been plenty of bets rolling in on Colorado to win the Pac-12.

Caesars reported that 43% of the Pac-12 Conference Championship futures bets are on the Buffaloes. At BetMGM, 46.2% of the bets to win the Pac-12 are on CU (56.4% of the handle). Washington (15.9% of the handle) is the next closest Pac-12 team.

The hype for Coach Prime and Colorado is so real that bettors are clamoring to bet the over on the win total. Colorado is the most bet win total (3.5) and the most popular over bet at BetMGM. The over is getting 91% of the bets and accounts for 97% of the handle.

Sportsbooks will be vehemently rooting against the Colorado Buffaloes.

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