Deion Sanders’ tough message to Colorado Buffaloes

Deion Sanders’ tough message to Colorado Buffaloes after Arizona State’s win:

We played like hot garbage He was not at all happy with his team’s showing Deion Sanders Colorado Buffalo Football Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Saunders chided his team despite beating the Arizona State Sun Devils on the road on Saturday.

   The Buffaloes beat Arizona State 27-24 in a close game, with quarterback Shedeur Sanders grabbing headlines with his performance and celebration at the end. While a win is a win, Sanders wants to see a lot more from his team next time around. Deion is Shedeur’s father, but the criticism seems to be aimed at everyone on the team.

   “We played like hot garbage,” Deion said. “We have to figure it out. I’m sick of it. “We’re better than this. We’re really better than that.” Shedeur Sanders was sacked five times Shedeur singled out his father after a reporter mentioned Arizona’s sack numbers, when Shedeur was sacked five times for 48 yards in the game.

   “Do you think he’s happy to be the most fired man?” Deion said. “I’m tired of the consistent holes we show and the penalties. “All 11 players have to do the right things every game. It can’t be 10 players and one player not.

   That’s what I feel for us as players. We have to come together and stop the bad things that happen with slow starts. “You all knew when the game was close, we had a second half.

   “You all already knew that — we just can’t afford to keep doing this. ‘Good teams are going to come and it’s going to take off.’

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