Horner fires ominous warning after Verstappen’s third F1 title in Qatar

Max Verstappen won his third Formula 1 world title in the Qatar sprint Christian Horner believes that Max Verstappen will only improve as a driver after achieving a third F1 title in Qatar.

   The Dutchman crossed the line in second behind Oscar Piatri, collecting enough points to secure the world title, although the title was already secured after Sergio Perez’s crash at the halfway point.

   Verstappen has enjoyed a dominant campaign, winning 13 out of 16 GPs and two out of four sprints this year. Despite Verstappen’s high level this year, Horner believes he will only improve in the coming years. Verstappen’s greatest strength “He’s the most competitive driver I’ve ever met,” Horner told Sky F1. “I think the determination with which he drives, the passion, the heart, the dedication, and of course he has a lot of ability. – He’s up there with the best, some of the best in the sport.

   This season just surpassed anything we’ve ever seen.- We won a lot with Sebastian but this took it to a new level “He’s only 26, I think he’s still improving, he’s still developing and I think he’s still growing as a driver.” Horner added that Verstappen’s confidence to succeed in all conditions separates him from the majority. “I just think about the confidence, it’s the confidence he has in himself to go out and nail it, to go out and deliver,” he said when asked about his best quality. “We saw it in the wet. We saw it on laps. We saw it in changing conditions. It’s just great.

   That’s the biggest thing for me, his ability to be one with the car, his ability. having confidence and self-belief is something that definitely stands out.”

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