Checo Perez points out the real reason for so much criticism

The manager believes his background has contributed to the criticism he has received following poor results A few weeks ago, controversy erupted after Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko made comments about Checo Perez. “Checo is South American, so his head is not as focused as Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel, but racing is his strength and he had very good pace,” he said in an interview with Servus TV’s Sport and Talk. Only a few days later, Marko came to explain and justify: “I wanted to say that the Mexican has a different mind than the German or the Dutch, but who knows, maybe he will prevail”.

   In addition, Checo himself said that the councilor apologized to him. “I had a very good conversation with him and he apologized for his comments,” she said. Online Differences However, now that the sea has calmed down, the Red Bull driver has again spoken on the subject, although not directly.

   In an event at Ford’s campus in Mexico City, Perez addressed the criticism he has received this season. His year started well, but he hit a road that was hard to beat. Checo Pérez of Lewis Hamilton and the drawing of SuzukaRED BULL RACING “When something like this happens at Red Bull, you immediately have three hundred media on your roof saying you have to leave,” he said, referring to persistent rumors of a possible change from the Austrian team. Perez has been repeatedly linked with a move away from the team, but has been assured by Red Bull insiders that he will be with them in 2024.

   “These things happen a lot in Formula 1 and that’s how it works in a team environment. I also feel that being Mexican also plays a big role,” he added. The manager believes his background contributed to the criticism he received after poor results and cites Russell as an example to justify himself. “We saw it with Russell.

   He fell from third on the last lap, but you don’t hear anyone talking about it,” said Checo Perez. The Brit hit the wall in Singapore as he battled Lando Norris for second place on the podium.

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