Charles Oakley Destroyed Dennis Rodman For Saying Larry Bird Couldn’t Play In The Current NBA: “He Must’ve.   ….urs Drinking”….👇👇

Charles Oakley Destroyed Dennis Rodman For Saying Larry Bird Couldn’t Play In The Current NBA: “He Must’ve.   ….urs Drinking”….👇👇

Before Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, Charles Oakley was Michael Jordan’s first notable teammate with the Chicago Bulls. And as the OG of his generation, Oakley didn’t hold back after Rodman’s latest comments about Celtics legend Larry Bird.

Dennis Rodman claimed during a recent interview that if Larry Bird played today, he wouldn’t cut it in the NBA and would have to ply his trade in Europe. Oakley took exception to that, firing serious shots at The Worm in response.

“Well, I don’t know too much good stuff to say about Dennis besides [that] he works hard every night on the court,” Oakley said on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “But for us, you know, as far as being a guy you could just talk about and this and that, he’s been on a rampage. I don’t know, he trying to reinvent himself or do this and that.

If you are trying to reinvent yourself, you shouldn’t be wearing hats, earrings, shades, and all this and trying to hide up under what you’re trying to do. But talk about a legend like Bird, he must have been out for the last 72 hours drinking or something.”

Larry Bird is one of two superstars that changed the NBA, alongside his rival Magic Johnson. He was so good, Michael Jordan was in awe of his greatness during Bird’s prime. He won three MVPs consecutively, something no one else has done since, as well as leading the Celtics to three championships and winning two Finals MVPs. And Oakley gave Bird his flowers as well.

Charles Oakley was the ultimate competitor, he got into fights with nearly every great player in the 80s and the 90s. But he respects the true greats of the game. He showed it when his next comments during the same interview gave huge props to Larry Bird.

“Larry Bird was a legend. Top-10 great player of all time,” Oakley said. “You know, the guy won championships. He always carried the team. He always, you know, was just a stand-up guy.

One good story I can tell about Larry Bird [is that] every time I went to Boston, we went to shoot-around, they went to shoot-around. When I come back at 4:30, 5 o’clock, he’s in there shooting around again. He put the work in, and for someone to discredit his talent and what he be…

“I mean, Dennis got opinions, but I wouldn’t be listening to Dennis if I want to listen to someone about real talent. But I think he’s shooting Larry Bird down; I think he shouldn’t do that. Top 10 player. You can never do that. Maybe someone in the top 30, or 40, but not Top 10.”

Dennis Rodman has always been known for doing and saying some pretty outlandish stuff, so this isn’t the most surprising thing in the world. But as Oakley says, he should probably be more respectful when talking about one of the most incredible NBA players to ever live.

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