Why Do Y’all Hate Caitlin Clark So Much?Read down for more reasons 👇

Why Do Y’all Hate Caitlin Clark So Much?

Why Do Y’all Hate Caitlin Clark So Much?

Is it a race thing? Do people believe she’s overrated? Do people think she’s too cocky? The Complex Sports team sat down to answer questions on why people hate Caitlin Clark.




Apr 08, 2024

Justin Tafoya / NCAA Photos via Getty Images

We’ve never seen a generational (yes, generational) talent like Caitlin Clark be this polarizing of a figure in sports early in a career. You may combat that statement by mentioning a guy like LeBron James, who has a significant amount of haters but the majority of those haters have a great deal of respect for him as well. His hate was also built up over time. When it comes to Caitlin Clark, there’s been a lot of hate and disrespect off the bat. Fans are going to be fans and say whatever they want whether it’s based off facts or opinions but when former and current players are piling on as well, you have to stop and evaluate the situation.

You don’t have to like Caitlin Clark or her play style but you definitely have to recognize and acknowledge what she’s done for the game of women’s basketball. No other college athlete in the past 25 years has transcended their sport like Clark has. Women’s college basketball is at its peak in popularity right now and that’s on the back of Clark. As Dawn Staley said after the national championship, Clark is undisputedly one the greatest of all time in the sport but not everyone likes to hear that.

Let us briefly go down some of the responses from the legends of women’s basketball to Caitlin’s play on the court. Sheryl Swoopes tried to invalidate her scoring record with incorrect statements, Diana Taurasi sent a warning to Clark about her future in the WNBA, Breanna Stewart said Clark needed a championship to be considered an all-time great, and Lynette Woodard said Clark didn’t break her scoring record because Clark didn’t play with men’s basketball and without a 3-point line. These are four legends in women’s basketball refusing to uplift someone who has helped changed the game instead they’re nitpicking her legacy. Clark on the other hand is quick to acknowledge the groundwork that was laid before her.

  1. So why do so many people disrespect Caitlin Clark? Is it a race thing? Do people believe she’s overrated? Do people think she’s too cocky? The Complex Sports sat down to answer some of these questions.

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