Who’s the Loser”: Charles Barkley Urges People to Change After Shocking Stats Disclosure👇👇

Who’s the Loser”: Charles Barkley Urges People to Change After Shocking Stats Disclosure


Charles Barkley wants to solve the national problem of loneliness. The NBA legend with a diverse social circle, who tolerates Shaq every Thursday, and makes a fool of himself in front of celebrities by playing golf was appalled to discover the reality. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson was on King Charles where he explained a recent survey that showed majority of the Americans don’t have close friends. Chuck, who may be the glue of his social circle, can’t relate.

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He was so taken aback by the revelation, he asked Thompson, “Who’s the loser who don’t have friends?” The reporter revealed the statistics concluded by a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey on time use. This survey that analyses how does the average American spend their day showed that in-person socializing has greatly declined.

Barkley was having a tough time wrapping his head around numbers that showed in-person socializing has gone down by 25%. A further demographic breakdown detailed the number is greater for males, including a 50% decline in youth. He, however, told Barkley that there’s no answer to why people don’t have friends.

Gayle King asked what people do instead of socializing. The survey showed that most people stay indoors and watch television by themselves. The King Charles hosts and guests were disappointed by the reality. Chuck in particular had a strong suggestion for rectifying the situation.

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