The worst NBA contracts of all time

The worst NBA contracts of all time

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The worst NBA contracts of all time

Updated 18 days ago  |  By Sean Keane

There is no shortage of cautionary fiduciary tales in basketball history. You’ve got the Gilbert Arenas deal in Washington, a six-year, $111 million nightmare after which he sat out almost a whole season and then had an Old West-style armed standoff in the locker room. There are bad contracts due to injuries — Bill Walton on the Clippers and Grant Hill in Orlando — overrated reserves — backup center Jon “Contract” Koncak getting $13 million from the Hawks — and ill-advised contract provisions — the Warriors giving rookie Chris Webber a 15-year deal with an opt-out after only one season. Anytime the salary cap suddenly goes way up, look out. The cap spike in 2016 let the Warriors sign Kevin Durant, but it opened the door for the Lakers to sign Mozgov and Luol Deng. The cap giveth, and the cap taketh away. Let’s look at some of the worst-ever NBA contracts.

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