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  • Mean people will bully the weak and hate the Rare. Caitlin Clark is a rare talent. People are tuning in because she is a phenom. But the old guard doesn’t like being upstaged. Caitlin Clark is elevating the sport like non-other. She has re…

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  • 80% of the people who have an opinion never played organized sport’s. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Caitlin Clark until I watched her games. If you look at her games you can tell she put the work in. 5am – 9pm work! work! work! If you can’t…

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  • What Caitlin has accomplished with inferior teammates could not have been accomplished by any of those who are considered GOATs. They all had stacked teams. I’m just sayin.


  • I’m a 65+ SWF who loves all sports. For some reason she makes it hard for me to like her, but I love Kim Mulkey and the entire LSU team and I agree that the emphasis on women’s college basketball has exploded this year. I’ve been watching …

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  • I actually agree with Lynette Woodard. Comparing eras is like apples and oranges. There were no 3 pointers when she played and they played with the same sized basketball as the men. Today women play with a smaller ball so the chances of ma…

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  • All was well when Angel Reese was hated by it seems every white person in America for repeating what Clark started. Give me a break , I take nothing from Clark she is a gifted player. To all you haters of Angel Reese remember that “It ain’…

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  • Women are the biggest critics of other women.

  • Welp, Swoopes was wrong. She apologized. Taurasi stated her opinion and did not make a threat. Stewie, again just her opinion, but with all her ‘ships I give her a pass. Lynette should not have backtracked. She should have been consistent …

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  • It’s because of her acting like a victim when she ran into that fan. Multi million dollar athlete. Acting like she was assaulted by a kid. She was running in a direction she wasn’t looking and acted like a fool in the presser after the gam…

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    • If that is your legitimate reason for not liking her, thank you you really didn’t like and/or respect her that much to begin with.


      Fans should not be on the court when athletes are present; that cow could have taken out Shaq.


  • Stop saying she broke Maravich’s record. She didn’t play in the men’s division of NCAA basketball. There are no intergender sports records.


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