Larry Bird’s son allegedly tried to hit ex-girlfriend with car..Read down for..👇👇

Larry Bird’s son allegedly tried to hit ex-girlfriend with car..Read down for..👇👇

Bill McCleery, USA TODAY Sports  |  USATODAY

The son of basketball legend Larry Bird was arrested Sunday at Indiana University, said Chief Keith Cash of the Indiana University Police Department

Connor Bird, 21, allegedly tried to hit his ex-girlfriend with a car. Bird faces multiple preliminary charges, Cash said, including battery with injury, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana.

Trouble began, police said, after Bird and the ex-girlfriend got into a dispute Sunday at Bird’s Bloomington apartment. Bird threw a cell phone at the woman, police said.

Later, police said, Bird waited at his ex-girlfriend’s home and took her to a parking lot to talk things over. There, however, they got into another fight, police said, and the woman got out of Bird’s car with the intent of walking back to her home. Police said that’s when Bird twice tried to hit the woman with his car. Another IU student witnessed the incident, police said, and took the woman to the Indiana University Police Department.

No formal charges against Bird had been filed by the Monroe County prosecutor as of 11:30 a.m. today, said an administrative assistant at the prosecutor’s office.

An Indianapolis attorney representing Connor Bird declined comment on the substance of the allegations against his client.

“This is a very private matter that we’re going to try to resolve quickly,” John L. Tompkins said. “We’re thankful that no one was seriously injured.”

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