Chris Evans and his listeners left in tears as long-time colleague quits radio show live on air

Chris Evans and his listeners left in tears as long-time colleague quits radio show live on air

Chris Evans and his listeners were left in tears when one of his co-stars signed off with an emotional message – quitting the show.

Rachel Horne had worked with 58-year-old Chris on his Virgin Radio show, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, since 2018 – and had worked with him at the BBC for years before this point. However, at the end of last month, the 44-year-old mother-of-three – who is married to 45-year-old comedian Alex Horne – announced on air that she was leaving the Virgin Radio breakfast show after six years of service.

As a mark of respect, Chris gave Rachel – who worked as the newsreader on the show – the air when she gave a heartfelt and emotional resignation announcement. Footage from the touching moment was later shared online and showed both Rachel and Chris tearing up as she got through her impressive speech.

Rachel said: “I am very sad to say that this is my last day on the show. I have loved my time with this team despite and even sometimes because of the 4am alarm. The peace of those early morning hours is very precious.

We all have many roles in our lives and I am so lucky that mine include mum, wife, sister and friend. They’re all central to who I am but I’m also a big fan of work Rachel. She’s knowledgeable. She’s funny. She likes bright colours and small businesses and she makes sure you get your headlines on the important stories. Even when that news is something that’s difficult to blend with a family breakfast show. That’s the juggle she pulls off.”

She added: “It’s all been for you, the listeners. You’re brilliant. You’re hilarious. You’re honest, you’re dedicated, and it has been an absolute privilege to serve you every day I’ve been on this show. Thank you deeply, truly thank you for your time, your energy, your input. Hopefully you’ll hear me again soon. Until then, make good choices.”

Chris then thanked his co-star and declared: “Can we have a round of applause for Rachel, please!” This sparked raptures applause and cheers from the other crew members in the studio while Rachel herself beamed. Chris continued: “How unbelievably, perfectly said. We love you Rachel!” Looking tearful, he then said to Rachel: “By the way, well done for getting through that.”

Her announcement, which she later shared on Instagram, was met with a wall of support from fans and followers who admitted they were “in tears” hearing her signing off and many others looked forward to see where her career would go next. One wrote in response to the footage that she shared on Instagram: “Oh Rachel! What will the boys do without you!? Good luck in whatever you choose. Will miss you keeping them all in check and being the ‘voice of reason’.”

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