ESPN Upset by FSU Football’s Opt-Outs Ahead of NEXT Orange Bowl Against Georgia Bulldogs

And we’re talking about a Florida State team that thinks it doesn’t belong. And now we are angry. Many people have checked andquot; Florida State Seminoles No. 5
Florida State is scheduled to face the No. 5. 6 Georgia Bulldogs in the Capital One Orange Bowl on Dec. 30, but the game is far from controversial.

FSU was eliminated from the College Football Playoff after going 13-0 against Alabama and Texas and winning the ACC title at 12-1. The move sparked outrage from fans, college football figures and politicians and an investigation by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. It’s a timely cancellation. Florida State has seen players enter the NCAA transfer portal, some selected during the 2024 NFL Draft.
ESPN, which previously advocated excluding the Seminoles from the playoffs, reversed course and expressed dismay at the player opting out of the bowl game. Investigator Joey Galloway spoke about the issue during an ESPN panel on Friday, a little dark, Galloway said. And on Selection Sunday, everyone was excited about this tournament.

Because we’re talking about a group in the state of Florida where it’s like they’re not, they’re not going to be, now we’re crazy. Many people have checked.” Bowl game played in Arlington until this sixth New York disaster was a joy to watch. But as you can see tonight, division and elimination is a problem for these two teams.

“We’ve all been waiting for this…” studio staff said.

Bessie Eberhardt @betseyFSUNoles Hahahahahahahaha And honestly, he was excited when the competition was announced, but now he’s disappointed that it didn’t happen. They quit because they are frustrated with the competition. With more than half of his offense and more than 20 players out, Galloway said he wants to rely on that information when evaluating the game, Saturday against Florida State. No matter who’s on the roster, they’re going to make a decision one way or another.
Now I think it’s like that every time I go to school and I wear it. He lost by 20 points. Florida State lost by 20 points. Galloway continues, And now, if they win this game, they won’t hang up that trophy. And man, most of our players didn’t play, didn’t play. And so, we review what is on the ground.

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