JUST IN: Dodgers increase their deferred payroll reaching almost a billion dollars

Smith’s contract extension raise the Californians’ deferred salary payout

Catcher Will Smith’s 10-year, $140 million contract with the Dodgers includes $50 million payable between 2034 and 2043, raising the team’s deferred salary payment to $915.5 million owed to just five players.
Will Smith’s contract extension was for $140 million

   Smith will receive a $30 million signing bonus under the deal announced last Wednesday, half due Nov. 15 and the rest on Jan. 15, 2025, according to contract terms obtained by The Associated Press.
That means the Los Angeles Angels catcher will receive an annual salary of $13.
55 million in 2024, plus $13 million from 2025 to 2027; $9.5 million from 2028 to 2032, and $9.95 million in

The @Dodgers drafted 29 active big leaguers on Opening Day rosters.

That’s the most in baseball
six homegrown players:

Will Smith

How much do the Dodgers owe their players?
Los Angeles Dodgers will defer $5 million annually, to be paid in equal installments every July 1 from 2034 to 2043. If Smith is traded, the remainder will be paid during the season and the deferrals will be eliminated for the remainder of the contract.

Will Smith and the Dodgers agree to a 10-year contract extension worth $140M, per @juanctoribio and @Feinsand

Smith will also have a hotel suite during tours and will make an annual charitable contribution.
What are the amounts owed to players with deferred contracts?

Japan’s Shohei Ohtani is owed $680 million from 2034-43, Freddie Freeman $57 million from 2028-40 and Teoscar Hernandez $8.5 million from 2030-39. Mookie Betts is owed $115 million in 2033-44 and must pay the last $5 million of his signing bonus in 2033-35.

The Dodgers have to pay what they get. list of names And choose It would be a real failure if the staff didn’t win a World Series. The last time the Dodgers won was in 2020, before that they had not won the Classic since 1988..

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