Julio Humphrey shares a secret why he flirted with the transfer portal but remained at Georgia

Georgia linebacker Julian Humphrey (12) prepares for a defensive snap during the scrimmage against UT Martin at Sanford Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 2 2023.

    Julio Humphrey wanted to clear up all the confusion.
name is Julian Humphrey. But growing up, he played wide receiver and his favorite player was Julio Jones. And everyone started calling him Julio even after he became the Bulldogs’ quarterback.
also talked about his decision to announce that he will enter the portal. He will return to Georgia.
is from the Houston area and told reporters that the distance from home put him at risk during the 2023 season.

   I was shocked after the bowl game. Humphrey said. “When I go home, I don’t see people. It’s like, ‘Okay, now if you want to make a decision to be close to your family, it’s time to come in.‘”
“Or I can stay here (Georgia) and continue working at my job. , of course the teachers started calling me and texting me. We talked about everything and sat down and talked about the big picture instead of going home.

Humphrey had a lot to do as a freshman at Georgia. With limited action of Kamari Lassiter due to a foot injury, Humphrey will have a chance to play the rest of the season. Lassiter followed Missouri star quarterback Luther Burden, who paved the way for Humphrey to take the field.
week before the Mizzou game we installed this new structure and I knew I was going to play that game.

   This week it looks like we’re locked in and ready to play. Humphrey said. “I went in every time they called me. I said training is harder than the game, so I thought if I train well, it won’t make a difference when the game comes. I just go out and do my job. and trust my skills, and that’s fine.
a week later, Humphrey broke his collarbone against Ole Miss. He was ruled out for the rest of the season and it cost Humphrey dearly. think about it .

Smart understood Humphrey’s problem: these days, players are coming in and out of portals more and more. Humphrey wasn’t the only Georgia back to do so. Daniel Harris did the same before the Florida State game.

   “I think with a lot of kids, we try to talk to them positively. , he leads the way for our kids,” Smart said. “This is the nature of the beast. They turn on their phones and see what other people are doing. It will be him. It’s like anything else on social media. If he’s doing it, why wouldn’t I? Is the grass greener on the other side? Sometimes they don’t know. Sometimes the calls come from other places. Maybe they should, but that’s the nature of animals..

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