Cowboys have “intel” on the Longhorns “Jonathon Brooks Injury”

Jonathon Brooks Injured, Draft Trip Scheduled
Cowboys ‘intel’ on Texas Longhorns. draft travel planned but that hasn’t stopped teams from holding on. a level of importance to him. You can’t.

According to Nick Harris of, the Dallas Cowboys have planned a top-30 tour with Brooks. . According to Harrison, Brooks is “expected” to be ready for training camp if Dallas commits.

In addition to the in-state connection, Brooks and the Cowboys have gotten to know each other. That appears to be a big factor in Dallas’ desire to take a step back.
to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys’ doctor performed Brooks’ surgery.
Brooks’ surgery was performed by a team of the Cowboys. Dr.,” Hill said. “They have all the information about his rehab  and recovery.

Despite the injury, Brooks is considered the best running back in this class. 25 in Detroit..

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