Mike Norvell’s Top 5 Miracles at FSU So Far Here are Norvell’s Top 5 Wins at FSU…

Mike Norvell’s Top 5 Wins at FSU So Far
are Norvell’s Top 5 Wins at FSU.

During four years at Florida State, coach Mike Norvell led the Seminoles. to a 31-17 record. His career in Tallahassee did not take off quickly, as his first two seasons at FSU resulted in an 8-13 record. He proved to be a successful trainer. He’s done it four times in the past two seasons.

have been some big wins among Norvell’s 31 wins at FSU to date. Today we’re going to talk about his five biggest wins this season at FSU…

   5.) FSU VS. Louisville 2022
35-31 FSU
2022 looks to be when FSU returns to national prominence. They started again by beating LSU to start the season. But a few games later, on the road against conference rival Louisville in a hostile environment Friday night. The first half of that game was worse. Jordan Travis suffered a lower back injury and Jared Verse was injured in the first half of the game. Tate Rodemaker came in to lead the Noles, down 21-14 at halftime, to victory. Rodemaker entered the game just before halftime and then threw a bad interception. Itwas a long night for the new caller. But Rodemaker and the FSU offense came out stronger in the second half, scoring 21 points to Louisville’s 10 in the final two quarters. Wide receiver Johnny Wilson exploded in the game, with 7 receptions, 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s a sign that the Nobel culture has been ingrained in the program over the years. This saved a game that might have been dead in FSU’s last 10-win 2022 season.

Score: 31-24 FSU
For nearly a decade, Clemson was the king of the ACC. From 2015 to 2022, they won the ACC Championship in seven of eight years. Florida State hasn’t beaten the Tigers since 2014 and has a seven-game winning streak against Clemson. 2023 was the year Norvell and the Seminoles changed. After a win over No. 5 LSU before winning its next three, No. 4 FSU heads to the Valley of the Dead to face a season-defying Clemson team. The competition is very competitive. FSU tied the game with a layup and field goal by Kalen Deloach, sending the game into overtime. In overtime, FSU got the ball on first down, and Jordan Travis wasted no time throwing the ball to Keon Coleman, who was delighted with the touchdown reception. FSU held Clemson to four losses and earned its first win in a conference game in eight years. It remains to be seen, but the outcome of this game could turn the tide in the ACC moving forward.

31-28 FSU
You could argue that this game was the start of Mike Norvell’s turnaround of the football program and the state of Florida. Prior to this game, the Hurricanes had defeated the Seminoles in their previous four games. Norvell and FSU have lost their first four games of 2021 and suffered a loss to Jacksonville State last season. The FSU faithful seriously questioned Norvell’s ability to return the football program to national prominence at the time. Miami was in the game. Tyler Van Dyke is currently the first starting quarterback coached by NFL QB Kenny Pickett. 18 N.C. State and not. 17 Pitt has led the Hurricanes to three straight wins, including two against opponents. In a fourth quarter to remember, FSU kicked the ‘Canes on a field goal with 4:43 left in the game. FSU’s defense will keep the offense from getting going again. Jermaine Johnson did a great job on third down to get the ball back on offense. Jordan Travis threw a bomb to Ja’Khi Douglas that drove FSUinto the red zone. For FSU, it was three downs and nothing. 4 yards, 14 yards to go...Travis connected with receiver Andrew Parchment to bring the Noles to the 1-yard line. Travis then came up with a first goal to give the ‘Noles their first win over the Canes in nearly 50 years. This is Norvell’s first championship game in Tallahassee.

16-6 FSU
Prior to this game, Florida State had not won the ACC since 2014. In this game, Norvell and FSU had all the power. Not only did star wide receiver Jordan Travis go down with an injury two games ago, but veteran point guard Tate Rodemaker was ruled out of the game right before kickoff. True freshman Brock Glenn is expected to make his debut in the ACC Championship game. FSU’s defense looked like the best unit in the nation during the 60-minute contest as the Noles completely destroyed a dominant Louisville offense. FSU’s offense wasn’t impressive for most of the game, but they still managed to score points to get the win. Norvell earned his first championship win during his time at FSU. This game speaks to the culture of their program in Tallahassee. This is a program that didn’t let two serious injuries stop it from trying to win the conference.

FSU VS. LSU 2022
The results of this game proved that Mike Norvell and Florida State are the biggest threat in college football. Lose this game. Especially when he looked famous before Shyheim Brown blocked the PAT..

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