Georgia football champions and losers after the 2024 NFL Combine

Georgia running back Kamari Lassiter works out at the NFL Football Scouting Combine on Friday, March 1, 2024, in Indianapolis.

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   winner: Georgia linebacker
Lassiter, Javon Bullard and Tykee Smith will not qualify as offensive linemen. Participation in the NFL Combine 2024. However, these three held their own during the tryout. And that comes on the heels of his big performance at Georgia.
many safeties ran slower than expected at the combine, Javon Bullard clocked a 4.47 in the 40.. The running tape and position drills at Georgia during that time combined to make Bullard a solid Day 2 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

   Tykee Smith improved and 4.46 in the 40- 40. It works better. Garden line. Smith’s impressive numbers came after a strong week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Smith has performed well in all aspects of the draft this season and could be a fourth-round pick.
did not rush for 40 yards. stroke But he made up for it by going 6.62 in the 3-cone drill. That was the best performance of any prospect at the NFL Combine. Lassiter posted a 4.12 in the short shuttle, showcasing his ability to quickly change direction.

Georgia defensive backs have been knocked in recent years when it comes to the NFL draft, in part because they receive such elite instruction while in college.
testing results from Bullard, Smith and Lassiter help answer some of the questions teams might have about the three Georgia defensive backs. With their success this past weekend, it’s easy to see why Georgia has had such a dominant secondary in recent years.
Teams doubting Brock Bowers
into the NFL combine, you saw Bowers slide in various mock drafts. That was chalked up to his positional value, as teams just happen to see a greater value at quarterback, wide receiver and offensive tackle.
didn’t work out at the combine, which isn’t a surprise given he had nothing to really gain from showcasing his impressive athleticism.

Still, there were some reports out there that Bowers “didn’t come across well” in meeting with teams.
has never been one for talking about himself. Anyone who watched any of his interviews at Georgia could see that. But unless the NFL suddenly starts giving extra points on touchdowns for extroverts, Bowers’ introverted nature shouldn’t matter at the next level.
didn’t at Georgia, as he scored touchdown after touchdown for the Bulldogs. He is the best tight end in college football history. He did it all without fuss or fuss.

   This “report” may be the team trying to abuse Bowers’ student resources so that he fell to his team. This won’t be the last time the team does that.
But don’t worry if it happens. Especially when someone like Bowers costs a lot.

If you don’t draft Brock Bowers because he’s a defensive player, he’ll probably end up in the first round.

   winner: Amarius Mims
Mims had an impressive performance in the lineup due to the absence of its holders in Georgia. Injuries also played a role, as Mims missed seven games last season due to multiple ankle injuries.

Mims was born on Sunday. He is 6-foot-8 and weighs 340 pounds. His arms are over 11 inches long and his body is 36 inches long, which is quite large for an offensive tackle.
is not bulky, as he has shown his ability to move. His 5.07 40-yard dash will turn heads.

Amarius Mims is 5.07 at 6’7″ | 340 lbs.
other words: Amarius Mims is the hottest player in the draft. .

6-8 years old, 340 pounds (36-inch arms) and amazing motor skills

It wasn’t all good for Mims on Sunday, due to a hamstring injury ripped. . It’s a short day. He’s the planner. Hopefully he’ll have some rehab before Georgia’s pro day on March 13th so they can get a look at thisyoung wrestle.

   When I start, I’ll be successful like a lot of players here, but I’m better and more equal than others in my class,” Mims said.
Feelings: Ladd McConkey’s first-round expectations
did all he could: match up. He ran a 4.39 40-yard dash. He shined, showing off his hands and route running skills.

It will definitely help him before the upcoming NFL Draft. McConkey’s problemis that other wide receivers have helped themselves.
Georgia wide receiver AD Mitchell has the best jump among wide receivers as he clocks a 4.34 40-yard dash. Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU ran a 4.33 while 23 pounds heavier than McConkey.
Xavier Worthy ran a blistering 4.21 to record the all-time 40-yard dash. All three wide receivers were considered in the same class as McConkey in the upcoming NFL Draft.

This is a very deep year at the wide receiver position. Marvin Harrison Jr. he didn’t and Malik Nabers have done and shown the potential of this group.
will help prove it. If he doesn’t go in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, some team will end up with a very good player late in the draft.

Winner: Carson Beck
didn’t work out this week. . If all goes according to plan, he won’t come next year either, as he could be a top-four pick in the 2025 NFL draft. Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels all missed the ball while in Indianapolis.

   And many of Beck’s former targets in Indianapolis are looking to get their hands on Beck next season in 2024. . We hope for good results.
is a great shooter. McConkey talked about Beck. “That man is on his way.

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