Schumacher greatest disappointment, with Mercedes Confirms main reasons why Hamilton is leaving

Sky Sports analyst Ralf Schumacher is not too pleased with Mercedes’ new car. The W15 does not look the best, according to the former driver, and the German feels the constructor will have another tough year.
“I am also slightly disappointed with Mercedes after the three test days in Bahrain. I have a feeling it will remain as it was last year,” Schumacher told Sky. “That would also confirm why Lewis Hamilton lost confidence [in Mercedes] and went to Fred Vasseur’s call. And it was really expected that Red Bull would do so well. They are the team of the moment.”

Norbert Haug, who was previously the boss of Mercedes Motorsport, added: “During Vettel’s time at Red Bull, the team was dominant for many years. Then followed ten years of Mercedes dominance. Now we have Red Bull dominance again. And from what I can see during the laps of the test days, that won’t change anytime soon,” Haug said.

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