JUST NOW: Lewis Hamilton in trouble as he Reveals Mercedes Upset – “Please Do Something About It..

Lewis Hamilton addresses the tensions with Mercedes’ struggles during the sixth season of Drive to Survive.

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has disclosed that his grievances about Mercedes’ car were initially dismissed by the team, preceding a season without victories. The British racer’s struggles were highlighted during a winless 2023 campaign, overshadowed by Max Verstappen’s continued dominance in Formula One.


Key Takeaways:


Hamilton expressed early concerns about Mercedes’ car, which were initially rebuffed by the team.

Despite a history of dominance, Mercedes has recently lagged behind, particularly against Red Bull’s Verstappen.

Hamilton is resolute in his ambition to triumph with Mercedes, despite feeling distant from the sensation of winning.

Hamilton’s reflections paint a picture of a once-dominant force in Formula One grappling with a shift in fortunes. Mercedes, celebrated for their supremacy, particularly during Hamilton’s four consecutive titles from 2017 to 2020, have seen their dominance wane. This decline has been starkly contrasted by Red Bull’s ascendancy, with Verstappen reaping the benefits of Mercedes’ setbacks.

The psychological toll on Hamilton, amidst this backdrop of competitive decline, is palpable. The sensation of victory, once familiar, now seems a distant memory for the British driver. Yet, his resolve remains unshaken. Hamilton’s determination to reclaim the pinnacle of success with Mercedes is undiminished, even as he contemplates a future move to Ferrari. He candidly acknowledges the missteps made and emphasises the necessity for decisive action to rectify the course. Hamilton commented:

“I remember complaining to the team and being like, look, we have to make these changes, otherwise this is the trajectory we’re going to go on and this is where we’re going to end up.


“Please, please do something about it.

“I remember they said, like, we know what we’re doing, you’re wrong.

“And that was definitely an interesting moment. I was like, okay, I’ll step back, don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.

“Then when we got into the season, then we spoke again [they said] ‘oh, maybe you were right’.”

The British driver continued:

“My goal is to get back on top and win a championship again.

“But then we get in the car in 2023 and it’s the evil sister [of 2022].

“I can’t really remember winning, it’s been like a minute to be honest.

“I don’t remember what that feeling is. It is what it is, we’ve just got to take it on the chin and just acknowledge that we did not get it right, we took the wrong decision and start taking big strides in the right direction… before it’s too late.”

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