Power vacuum at Red Bull: why owner refuses to sack Horner’

Power vacuum at Red Bull: why owner refuses to sack Horner
The case surrounding Christian Horner may well have major implications for Red Bull’s future. F1-Insider.com reports that the Thai and Austrian owners have become diametrically opposed due to the investigation into Horner.
Christian Horner is being investigated by Red Bull for alleged inappropriate behaviour. De Telegraaf report that it involves sexual messages with a female employee. Now, German medium F1-insider.com reports that it has created problems at the parent company, Red Bull.

Why Horner will not be sacked by Red Bull
The Austrian arm of Red Bull GmbH, which originally belonged to founder Dietrich Mateschitz, is clear about Horner’s future: he must leave. The problem, however, is that the Austrian arm, with 49 per cent, cannot make a decision. The Thai owner controls 51 per cent and refuses to suspend or dismiss Horner..
This power vacuum could have major consequences for the multi-billion-dollar Red Bull company. The Austrian side suspects that ‘Horner-gate’ will become a breaking point for the entire company.

The investigation itself into Horner is not going smoothly either. The investigation was supposed to be conducted by an independent lawyer, but that does not appear to be the case. The Thai owner (Horner’s supporter) hired the lawyer, and the final report never arrived in Austria. The lawyer reportedly went on holiday without being contactable by the Austrian delegation

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