ACC filed FSU Suit To dismissal or stay against Florida,

ACC filed FSU Suit To dismissal or stay against Florida, which filed the same lawsuit against ACC last week.

Feb 9 Florida State University received good news: The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) proposal to reject or suspend the public institution based in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina will be heard on March 22.
But on February 16, ACC filed the same motion to dismiss or stay FSU’s lawsuit filed in Leon County, Florida.
If a Florida judge grants ACC’s request for a stay, ACC’s lawsuit in North Carolina will have the final word (a precedent has been set).

    One of the ACC’s arguments in the latest chess move suggests that the lawsuit should be heard in North Carolina because they filed their lawsuit a day before Florida.
andquot;There were basically no firsts on the field in North Carolina... And that’s the way it should be,andquot; ACC lawyers said. The state of Florida chose to join ACC, an unincorporated North Carolina nonprofit organization, and entered into contracts and voted in favor of them, which it is now challenging. All are governed by North Carolina law.

According to ESPN’s Andrea Adelson, Florida State’s motion accused the ACC of rushing to court to file a lawsuit against a public institution. He states that ACC’s lawsuit is “fundamentally flawed” because it failed to complete several steps, such as securing a two-thirds vote to initiate a lawsuit.

     Additionally, ESPN’s Dan Murphy mentioned that legal chaos could ensue if neither case is granted a restraining order in their state.
“If no judge grants an adjournment, both trials can continue in parallel. Murphy wrote that this scenario could create a race to trial, where the first court to reach a settlement would end the second case.

Florida State fans can only wait.

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