How the Horner investigation eclipsed Red Bull’s 2024 F1 launch

OPINION: Red Bull pressed on with a typically swashbuckling launch event for its 2024 Formula 1 challenger, the RB20. But there was one topic that dominated proceedings, concerning the serious situation facing team boss Christian Horner and the allegations made against him. Here’s how the day unfolded and what was learned from his first public appearance

He looked rather small.


Christian Horner, surrounded by reporters in a horseshoe of chairs and standing stragglers, a few feet from where Red Bull’s RB20 car had just been revealed. The contrast stark between the pristine machine and the messy stack of dictaphones.

Horner’s stature hadn’t changed, of course, but there was something missing. The bravado was punctured; the immaculate image sagged. Perhaps, irrevocably so.


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