Due to pressure Christian Horner ‘not expected to make it at F1 team as insiders worry about Red Bull boss leaving.

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is reportedly ‘not expected to survive’ an internal hearing into a complaint of inappropriate behaviour. The 50-year-old has denied the allegations made against him, with the investigation ongoing.

Horner has managed Red Bull since 2005 but his stint at their helm has  been thrown into uncertainty ahead of the 2024 season. The team acted quickly to the complaints made against him to expand on the complaint, with the investigation now ongoing.

Red Bull are seeking a quick resolution to the matter, which may see Horner depart, though speculation is growing that the investigation is threatening to overlap with the beginning of the new season.

Horner ‘not expected to survive’ ongoing investigation

Christian Horner is reportedly ‘not expected to survive’ in his role as Red Bull boss due to the ongoing investigation into the 50-year-old.

A complaint of inappropriate was made against Horner last week, with a hearing said to have taken place on Friday.

According to the BBC, many insiders ‘do not expect him to survive’ in his role as a result of the investigation, with several expecting Red Bull to turn to the Austrian side of their business for a replacement.

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