She Was Wrong”: Toto Wolff Quotes Lewis Hamilton’s motto to Discredit His Own Mother’s Theory

With an impressive record of winning eight consecutive constructors’ championships, Toto Wolff and his team have established a high benchmark for their competitors. However, the introduction of new regulations has brought about a series of hurdles, affecting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their entire team. In response to these challenges, Wolff has provided insights into the demanding journey the team has experienced over the past two years. Moreover, during his discussion, Wolff also mentioned a quote from Lewis Hamilton that has left a lasting impact on him. However, this revelation unexpectedly led to the contradiction of his own mother’s quotes.

During his appearance on the “Secret of Success” podcast, Nasser Hussain asked Toto Wolff about the correlation between success, wealth, and mental health. Hussain referenced a quote from Wolff’s mother, mentioning that she once said, ” It’s easier to cry in a Rolls Royce than a Volkswagen Beetle.”

With this, Hussain indirectly asked Wolff whether money can truly bring happiness. In response, Wolff initially said, “So, it’s actually a good example, because she was wrong.” While adding further, he said, ” Because if you are in a Rolls Royce, literally, you come to the conclusion that even the money didn’t make things better.”

As the chat progressed, Wolff drew inspiration from Lewis Hamilton, pointing out that despite the Briton’s billionaire status, he has conveyed the message that not everything that shines is gold. Moreover, Hamilton expressed a feeling that he must instill hope in people.

While concluding, Wolff conveyed the message that achieving remarkable things is possible, despite the challenges. Wolff’s remarks highlight Mercedes’ significant commitment to prioritizing the mental health of their team members. This emphasis is probably driven by Lewis Hamilton’s support of this issue as well as his personal experiences with serious mental health issues.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s perspective on mental health?

Lewis Hamilton has been one of the toughest contenders in the world of motorsports. However, despite this, the seven-time champion has had to face some considerable challenges when it comes to mental health. While talking about the same in a discussion with Sky Sports, Hamilton explained how he consistently makes efforts to prioritize and maintain his mental well-being.

Speaking about this, Hamilton said that while he hasn’t publicly discussed his own issues with mental health, he has actively worked hard behind the scenes. He said, “Whether it’s working through therapy, whether it’s taking on like finding different outlets, whether it’s reading more, whether it’s doing meditation”.

Later, Hamilton also discussed how the intense world of F1 takes a toll on its drivers. He emphasized that the toll is not confined to physical stress but also includes mental challenges, leading to anxiety.

In light of this, Hamilton explained that this is why fans don’t find him active on social media. Certainly, when well-known people like Hamilton talk about mental health, it helps remove the shame around it and makes more people aware.


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