Ralf Schumacher’s ex-wife Cora- Caroline is under the German media’s scanner.

The Schumacher family fears that Cora-Caroline Schumacher, who is the ex-wife of Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf Schumacher, could reveal critical health information about the Formula 1 legend that has been kept a secret since his near-fatal skiing incident in 2013.


Supposedly, the Schumacher family had agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding Michael’s health status during his treatment at home. Visits are restricted to close family and friends, and all other details regarding his condition are kept confidential to respect his privacy.


Cora, aged 47, remained part of the Schumacher family for nearly 15 years and maintained ties with Ralf until two years after Michael’s accident. As per the German Newspaper Bild, she entered the reality show “Jungle Camp,” a long-running television series akin to Survivor.

However, just three days into the recording, Cora chose to leave the show, reportedly voluntarily, as stated by the RTL channel. Nonetheless, Bild has cast doubt on this official explanation, linking Cora’s departure to the “mysterious Schumi clause” that the network has with the Schumacher family, which deterred discussions regarding Michael’s health.

The Bild correspondent stated that a friend of Cora alleged that a letter had been sent to Australia because Cora was disclosing many details around the campfire. The news outlet also adds that Cora is not a member of the inner circle of the family that is permitted to visit Michael. But, there is always a concern that she might leak any information she already had early on. Revealing more on the controversy surrounding the reality show, the article read:

“The program’s producer breathed a sigh of relief after her departure because there was a certain fear of discussing topics not intended for that audience.

“There is a lot of nervousness due to Cora’s talkative nature. Almost fear. Fear that in an extreme situation [due to hunger or the stress of the competition], Cora could reveal sensitive information about Formula 1 giant Michael Schumacher.”

Bild also reports on an agreement among top broadcasting executives regarding coverage of Michael Schumacher and his health, referred to as the ‘Schumi Pact’. Thus, the constant pressure on them to prevent the leak of sensitive information relating to Michael Schumacher.

However, Cora publicly clarified that she had not received any warning and that, she could say anything she wanted to about the Schumacher family since she was not bound by a “confidentiality agreement”.



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