NFL free agency:what Colts WR Michael Pittman Jr.mucking mulls future doing within the off season

Michael Pittman Jr. is from the Los Angeles area, went to USC and catches passes for the Indianapolis Colts.

So it may surprise you to learn he rises early in the offseason to do farm chores: mucking horse stalls, feeding animals, checking the chicken coop, etc.

Check out this post of his morning duties.

Pittman is also mulling what to do with his football future. He is eligible to become a free agent in March, though the Colts want to keep him.

He just finished his four-year rookie contract that paid him over $8 million, but he will make much more per season, whether he signs a long-term deal or if the Colts use the franchise tag on him.

Estimates put a one-deal, franchise-tag deal for a wide receiver in 2024 at about $20 million. Precise numbers won’t be available until the NFL salary cap is set for the coming seaason

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